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Our lab focuses on applying scanning probe-based nanotechnology in nanostuctures design and properties investigation. We are developing a hybrid technique by combining scanning probe microscopy with optical spectroscopy to understand and predict the single-molecule processes at the nano-scale, including charge transfer, electron localization and generation, photoabsorption and photoemission, which provides new insights into the discover and design of new optical and electronic devices.

Latest Updates

JACS Cover

JACS Cover!

The front cover art for our manuscript: “Angstrom-Scale Spectroscopic Visualization of Interfacial Interactions in an Organic/Borophene Vertical Heterostructure” (10.1021/jacs.1c04380) is now published in Journal of the American Chemical Society!


Sayantan received the 2021 Russell and Sigurd Varian Award

Sayantan has been selected to receive the 2021 Russell and Sigurd Varian Award. He will receive this award during the AVS 67th International Symposium and Exhibition in Charlotte, North Carolina, October 24-29, 2021.…

Nottingham Prize

Jeremy won Wayne B. Nottingham Prize!

The Wayne B. Nottingham Prize is awarded annually at the Physical Electronics Conference (PEC), a conference that focuses on new research results in the field of surface science and in the sub-fields of physics and chemistry…